“Emma worked with my daughter on a suite of OT objectives, helping to bring along her fine motor, visual-spacial and social skills. Not only did they make great progress but my daughter had fun. She loved her sessions with Emma and as a parent, it was wonderful to see. Emma really knows how to understand each child uniquely and tailor their activities and goals accordingly. She was open and communicative throughout their time together. We miss her!”
Christie, NYC

“Emma is a very kind and caring person.  When I am in the waiting area each of the children who walk in and see Emma run up to her to say hello or they want to hug her.  Children love Emma and her positive, enthusiastic energy.  She makes the children and families she serves feel positive and safe.  As a parent of a child with special needs there is nothing I value more than knowing, that my child as a vulnerable individual, will be loved, cared for, have her news met, that she can be herself, and that she will be safe.”

Sam, Bozeman